June 22, 2016 PR

Points the goal in Ypres

ERC Junior points the goal for Ingram 

ERC Junior points the goal for Ingram

Current ERC Junior Championship leader Chris Ingram is aiming for a strong result at the Ypres Rally, prioritising the championship over an all-out assault for the class victory.

“Definitely championship points,” stated Ingram when asked if he was chasing the win or the championship, “but I feel more confident now than I ever have so definitely going to be going for victory as well.”

“Freddy Loix (10x Ypres rally winner) has been incredibly kind to give me some advice for the stages here so hopefully It will be a key to some success in Ypres”

The Ypres Rally, despite being made up of Tarmac stages, presents its own technical challenges such the deep ditches running parallel with the road as Ingram explained. It’s all about carrying speed, so you’re just trying to fly over the ditches a little bit.”

Although prioritising points, Ingram still has at least one eye on ERC Junior honours this weekend and is firmly in the fight for victory after three stages.