February 3, 2016 PR

German codriver KATRIN BECKER Joins Chris

Chris is delighted to announce the successful and ambitious German – Katrin Becker – will join him in aiming to win the Junior ERC title with Opel Motorsport.

The duo are already preparing towards the first round of the highly competitive FIA ERC Junior series- the legendary Circuit of Ireland Rally (7-9 April, Belfast), by practicing pace note making in Bavaria, and will test-drive the works Opel Adam R2 for the first time in the coming weeks.

Chris commented- “I am very confident with my choice to welcome Kat as my new codriver. She is a highly regarded and sought-after competitor in Germany, has lots of experience at World Championship level and has proved she has the determination to be successful having won multiple Austrian Rally titles for the last several years. And generally she is an awesome lady and we get on really well. I’m looking forward to benefitting from her experience and commitment!”

You can support Kat by liking her new Facebook page; https://www.facebook.com/Katrin-Becker-224964784510115/?fref=ts